Friday, September 30, 2022

8-bit iOS 14 Icons By Shilini


Updated 11/26/2021 with 85 new icons!

Light up your iPhone's homescreen and get your retro gaming fix with this pixel perfect set of 300+ iOS app icons.

These babies are designed to look stunning on dark backgrounds, but if light is your thing, they’ve been adapted to work there too.

Here’s what you get:

  • 300+ full-color, meticulously designed app icons (1024px PNGs)

  • in 3 background colors - black, charcoal, and white

  • Matching wallpapers

  • Free updates to future icons as I create them (with the possible exception of a fully monochrome spinoff set)

View the full icon list here.

Read this stuff before buying plz.

Getting these icons setup on your iPhone is a small chore that requires creating individual app shortcuts for each app you want to customize. It isn’t for everyone! Check out the instructions here, so you know what you’re getting into first.


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8-bit iOS 14 Icons By Shilini
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