Tuesday, September 20, 2022

PIXBOB MINI LITE - Free Pixel Fonts


  PixBob Mini Lite Font is a FREE FONTS that designed special for pixel art because it is made with the same technique when I created Pixel characters, this font is designed cleanly and precisely so it's easy to read, looks elegant and easy to apply to your pixel project.

    The free version it only contains uppercase letters and numbers, for lowercase letters and other punctuation marks, you can buy the premium version only $5 - $7, you can check the premium version here https://www.pixbob.com/2022/09/pixbob-mini-premium-pixel-fonts.html

    You can use this font for Personal and Commercial use, For the license details you can visit https://www.pixbob.com/p/pixbob-font-license.html

Download Below

- Via Gumroad 

- Via Itch.io

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PIXBOB MINI LITE - Free Pixel Fonts
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