Thursday, September 29, 2022

SpriteMaker Base [Unisex] by andyparadoxic


The SpriteMaker Bases are blank canvases available for you to use and create your own library of sprites! This base is works best for androgynous characters.

This asset pack contains:
  • 3-frame walk cycle in 4 directions (up, down, left, right)
  • 12 different skin tones in .png format
  • 12 elf ear attachments in .png format (one per skin tone)
  • 3 backgrounds in .png format (flat color, single-character grid and 8-character grid) to aid in the creation of derivative works
  • 1 grid placement sample image to be used as a guide
  • 1 master file in .psd format containing all of the above except for the 8-character grid (due to size differences)
  • The original canvas is 55x55 per frame in order to provide plenty of workspace, but you're free to resize as you see fit.

You may use the asset in any game engine or creative software of your choice, but I will not be able to provide technical support if I am not familiar with that engine/software.

If you have trouble uploading your sprite to any of the RPG Maker engines, please read:

SpriteMaker Base [Unisex] by andyparadoxic
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