Monday, September 26, 2022

The Pixel Art Experience Brush Set for Procreate By Ittai Manero

Ever wanted to do pixel art on the go with your iPad, without leaving your favorite painting app, but thought there aren't real pixel art brushes available for Procreate?

That was true...until now!

The Pixel Art Experience Brush Set for Procreate is here to change things up!
It features 56 EPIC pixel brushes for all your pixel art needs!

This package contains:

A 1 pixel size almost pixel-perfect brush! Why is it almost pixel-perfect and not just pixel-perfect? Well, to this date, it is just impossible to get a 1 pixel size 100% pixel-perfect brush in procreate due to its brush engine, but this is the closest it can get right now. Let's call it a 99% pixel-perfect brush, if you will! It really works and it works really, really well!

A 1 pixel size rough brush. This brush will paint 2 pixels sometimes, which can give you a more rough pixel art style.

A thin to thick pixel brush! Use pressure to make thinner or thicker pixel lines in one stroke!

11 pixel-perfect dithering brushes! Yes, there are pure pixel-perfection! No weird artifacts or pixel misplacements! Guaranteed!

21 pixel pattern brushes! Complete your pixel art with amazing pixel textures and patterns that will save you a ton of time compared to traditional pixel art!

5 pixel noise and shader brushes!

4 special pixel brushes for quickly painting pixel vegetation, bricks or chains!

– 21/07/21 Update: 12 new pixel art brushes added!

09/08/22 Update: Color palettes! This update adds 10 different limited color palettes for an amazing retro pixel art look!

–  A 14-page Quick Guide PDF in English and Spanish with everything you need to know about how to use these brushes. It even comes with some pixel art tips and tricks!

FREE updates: This brush set will increase over time with new brushes with future updates.

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The Pixel Art Experience Brush Set for Procreate By Ittai Manero
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