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Marco Rossi Using Shotgun - Metal Slug Sprites



Character Summary

Name : Marco Rossi

From : Metal Slug Series

    Marco Rossi is one of the main characters in Metal Slug Series

    This Italian-American went on to study at the military academy's special technologies college after attending a public technical high school. After graduation, he became a member of the Peregrine Falcons Special Forces Squad (commonly called PF Squad). Although gentle by nature, mentioning General Morden, who is responsible for the deaths of so many of his friends and comrades, will send him into an uncontrolled rage. He's one of the squad's expert agents and an intellectual whose hobby is computer science. A computer virus he created for fun once mistakenly attacked the army's central computer system. Penetrating through all of the security firewalls, the virus almost caused the launch of a nuclear missile. But he'll never admit this.

    During the character info screen in Metal Slug SV-001, he is given the logo "Siliconhouse M's -custom build-" with a caricature of himself slouching at a computer desk. His nickname in the same game is "Intelligent Soldier".

    Marco's computer science hobby also resulted in the creation of the AI MS-Alice. She was originally a virus that he stole from an unnamed nation, and Alice gained self-awareness after watching him work to bring her to "life". Marco cares deeply for Alice and becomes visibly worried when she becomes critically damaged.

What Inside The Package?

    This package consists all sprites of Marco Rossi using Shotgun, included idling, walking, fall, etc, all in one PNG File

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Marco Rossi Using Shotgun - Metal Slug Sprites
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